2020 Utah Open disc golf world championship

Kevin Jones at the 2020 Disc Golf Worlds Championship

Video footage of the 2020 Disc Golf Worlds by JomezPro.com 2020 Worlds 2017 marked the start of the open men’s and women’s divisions, each having its own World Championship. There is now a chance to win the World Championship in both the open and age-based categories. The championship format ended the “Final 9” round in …

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Waterdawgs mulligans disc divers

Waterdaws disc golf disc retrievers

The Waterdawgs is a group of volunteer disc divers who find lost discs at Mulligans Disc Golf Course in Ogden, Utah. They will be posted on every water hole and available to dive for any discs that are lost in the 2020 Worlds. You can check out their Facebook group here. From Waterdawgs: Hello, everyone, …

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